We hope that you enjoy reviewing Don's works in the galleries. You can of course, continue to re-visit the site to study his works at leisure

However, nothing beats owning works you would like to have in your home, office or business workplace to enjoy over time. In which case we hope the following information will prove helpful to you

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Information on Purchasing and Commissions

There are a number of ways in which you can own one of Don’s original art and design works displayed in the galleries. If you are interested in any of the works on the site, and/or might prefer to arrange and specify personally commissioned work, please get in touch with Don using the contact form.

A church scene with a bench and headstones in the foeground

Clayton Saxon Church (2008)

We respect that buying a painting or other image is a uniquely personal experience and each enquiry will be welcome, treated with respect and regarded as, "No obligation."

Arranging a Commission

Initial discussions with the client establish the subject, preferred medium, style and dimensions of the artwork desired. It also allows a little time for the artist and client/sitter to get to know one another to ensure work can proceed and be undertaken with complete confidence.

Preliminary drawings and photography form the basis of discussions discussions to enable the work to develop in the direction agreeable to both client and artist.

head and shoulders portrait of a man with thoughtful expression looking directly from the canvas

Greg Mishon (2008)

Subject matter is therefore carefully tailored to accommodate individual wishes. An example of note is the painting of Clayton Saxon Church (above) commissioned to commemorate the client’s wedding day, as shown in the Landscape Painting Gallery. The painting is an amalgam of both interior and exterior views created in a sketch agreed by the client. The painting of St Michael’s Newhaven (below) in the same gallery, and the drawing Falmer Village Pond (bottom) are further examples of commissioned works.

A Church Scene

St Michaels Newhaven (2009)

For portraits, one or two initial sittings are usually sufficient as a basis for work to proceed, although Don can work entirely from photographs, for example, of people no longer with us.

Arranging a commission is a very individual process and Don's approach recognises this. A large oil painting will of course take more time but is not the only option. A drawing for example, may be quicker to complete although the same attention to detail will be applied. The example (above) of Greg - a friend of the artist - is different in style from the drawing of him displayed in the Portrait Drawing Gallery which was selected by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for its annual exhibition of 2009.

Falmer Village Pond (2009)

Don enjoys working in partnership with clients finding it a, "Creative process in itself." He will assist with choices of stylistic preferences to ensure the final work is more than pleasing. He also welcomes enquiries from the field of corporate business, leisure and textile companies interested in commissioning design projects. Commissions in these areas can be negotiated in the same collaborative way.

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