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We hope that you have enjoyed reviewing Don's art through these pages. You can of course, visit the site to review his work and monitor arrival of new works in the galleries. However, nothing beats owning art work of your own choice. If you would like to buy something to enjoy over time in your home, office or business, the information here will help you.

There are a number of ways that you can own your own piece of art from a personal commission through to a limited edition print. If you are interested in any of the works on the site, please get in touch.

We respect that buying a painting or drawing, original print or Limited Edition print, is a uniquely personal experience and each enquiry will be very welcome, treated with respect and regarded as, "No obligation."

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Please refer to the Arrange a Commission page for details. Prices are by arrangement but do use the price table below as an approximate guide.


There are original artworks for sale in all galleries. Prices are as in the table.

Images in the galleries marked P indicates an original painting, original print or other work is available for sale.

Original Prints

Don uses a variety of printing techniques; lino, woodcut, relief and collograph which he prints on an Albion printing press. Each print is signed by the artist. Please contact the artist for specific prices.

Designs, Batiks and Murals

All works in these galleries vary considerably in their dimensions. Consequently prices will reflect the size and type of work. Please contact the artist regarding prices.

An image of the embosed mark used on prints

Actual Size: 32mm x 32mm

Limited Edition Giclée Prints

These are high quality reproductions of Don’s original works. The Giclée process uses high definition digital technology which transfers an image onto high quality paper or stretched canvas. The print finishing is undertaken by Vellum Arts to a highly professional, quality controlled standard.

All prints are signed, numbered and bear the artists embossed monogram (illustrated). Each comes with its certificate of authenticity.

Images in the galleries marked G indicates a Limited Edition Giclée is available for sale.

Price Guide

Don Faulkner Fine Art - Prices and Sizes Approximate
Picture Type 30 x 20 50 x 30 70 x 50 100 x 70
Landscape Commission Painting £500 £600 £700 £900
Portrait Commission Painting £600 £700 £800 £1000
Commission Drawing From £600      
Original Painting £400 £500 £600 £900
Original Batik £400 £500 £600  
Original Design £300 £400 £500  
Original Prints From £140      
Limited Edition Giclée Prints From £180      

Arrange a Gift

The gift of a portrait or other commission, might be the perfect way to show your appreciation of someone? It could mark an important anniversary, celebrate a special occasion or register that person's valued contribution to a business or project. It will last, will be appreciated daily and perhaps, be a present that is a little out-of-the-ordinary.

It need not cost the earth and Don can work from photographs - so it can be kept secret. However, a sitting might also be an opportunity for the recipient to take some time aside, to relax and feel "pampered!"


Any purchases will be carefully packaged and despatched. Prints will be sent direct by Vellum Art for approximately £15.00. Delivery of original works will be agreed at time of purchase.

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